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Small Batch Studios creates meaningful spaces for residential and commercial property owners through full-service interior design and architecture and a focus on wellness.

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Residential & Commercial Services

Small Batch Studios is uniquely positioned to provide both architecture and interior design services, resulting in a seamless experience that creates a beautiful result.

See a full list of our services below:

Interior Design
Design & Color Consulting
Space Planning
Hand Rendering & Sketching
3D Digital Rendering
Conceptual & Schematic Design
Lighting Design
Finishes & Furnishings
Accessories & Art Selection
Construction Documents
Project Management
LEED Consulting
Hotel & Restaurant Design
Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Development

A holistic approach to designing spaces

Your environment should lift your spirits and reduce stress while increasing your energy and productivity.

Annie uses her understanding of people with the principles of the Whole Building and Well Building design philosophies to create interiors that encourage wellness, reduce stress, and create balance. These philosophies take into account environmental, functional, aesthetic, and cost factors to consider how a space impacts its occupants’ mental and physical wellbeing. Together with a design thinking mindset, Small Batch Studios starts with empathy and observation and takes an iterative approach using brainstorming and collaboration to bring new ideas to every design challenge. This approach ensures that clients are involved and their voice is heard.

Through this holistic lens, every aspect from the function of a space to its aesthetic and the materials used is thoughtfully considered in order to create custom and bespoke environments that help you thrive.

It’s the little things that matter most

Every design decision is carefully considered as to how you can most benefit from the space. Whether that’s considering window placement to access the best views, space planning nuances to ensure the rooms flows well, or layering textures to evoke a cozy room, it’s the little details that affect the psychology of a space.

We design with you in mind. Our team works with you to capture your unique perspective and ensure every inch of your home feels like you. You’ll walk away with a home or room that is beautiful, functional, and enhances your life.

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Virtual Design Consulting

Not local to Colorado? No problem. Small Batch Studios offers virtual design consulting via video call to help you define the vision for your project and choose the right fixtures and finishes to ensure you walk away with a space you love. Contact us to learn more about virtual consulting.

Step 1

Design & Planning

We get to know you in order to design a space that helps you thrive. Once the vision is established, we develop the formal schematics, plans, and/or 3D renderings to define the layout and function of your space to create a welcoming environment that fits your lifestyle.

Step 2

Fixtures & Finishes

Once the plans have been finalized, the fixtures and finishes including appliances, lighting, hardware, furnishings, and decor are chosen. You’ll receive insider access to the premium brands, along with our expert guidance to make decisions.

Step 3

Materials & Scheduling

The next step is to place your orders for material and fixtures. Small Batch Studios facilitates this process using a comprehensive inventory list to ensure your budget is maximized and quantities are correct.

Step 4

Installation & Final Touches

Sit back and watch it all come together! We will conduct periodic site visits at key moments to ensure the design aligns with the intention. You’ll conclude the project with a completed space that expertly demonstrates your vision.

why design?

It’s so much more than design. Design is simply a tool that we leverage to improve people’s lives. We have seen time and again how a well-designed interior has the power to significantly elevate and encourage the end user.

This results in our clients being able to thrive in their lives and be the best version of themselves. This is why we do what we do.

Annie’s passion for interior design is easily transformed from conceptual ideas and visuals to an amazing finished product.

As the organizer and producer of the Seattle Street of Dreams since 1984, I have worked with a lot of very gifted interior designers, and every once in a while, I spot a rare talent. Annie falls into this category. We all know the gift of great interior design isn’t just the final product, but just as importantly, it includes the process and manner in which things move towards completion. Annie brings incredible joy, efficiency, and value to each and every project she tackles, and I heartily endorse her.

—John Heller, President of Heller Company, Realtors & Seattle Street of Dreams

Annie made our house beautiful!

After we got married, my husband and I wanted to blend our two distinct styles and households into one amazing home, but we didn't know how. Annie gave us creative ideas, practical plans, and a wonderfully unified space. 

She worked her magic in every room: foyer, office, mudroom, living room, bedroom, and basement. And now that we have lived and worked here through a pandemic, we are more grateful than ever for her talents and gifts.

—Dale Wilsher

I love working with Small Batch Studios!

We have done several projects together and Annie is the best! She is very knowledgeable and really knows how to capture what you are looking for! I highly recommend using Small Batch Studios for your next project!!

—Macy Petty

Hiring Annie to help with my remodel was the best thing I could have done! 

Having never done a project of this scope before I had no idea what I was getting into, and Annie kept me on track. She helped with design—giving me enough space to make it my own but applying her expertise when needed. I highly recommend Annie to anyone desiring a professional and creative perspective to their project large or small.

—Malia Van Rooy, Homeowner, Music Teacher & Performer

Annie took all the stress out of the project. 

We hired Annie to help us with our kitchen remodel project. Annie understood our goal and what it was we were trying to achieve. Things were done when promised, the subs who did the work were all top-notch, and the results obtained were exactly what we were hoping for. We highly recommend Annie for your design, remodel, and building needs.

—Buck Hopper

Annie designed spaces for our living room, master bath, and master bedroom. 

She did an amazing job of combining my husband’s and my taste and also including the furniture and elements we already had available. She was very personable yet extremely professional. I highly recommend using her eye when designing your space!

—Kathy Nickerson, Homeowner, World Traveler & Philanthropist

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